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I have composed the music and sound effects for two independent video games: one,  a sci-fi space exploration and combat game called Away Team,  and the other a puzzle game, in a similar vein to Bejeweled, made by for the Manchester City Football Club members website.
I have also recently completed working on the soundtrack and effects for a short independent film by Penny Productions called Glass House, produced and directed by Ben Hutchinson.

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I have a 1st class honours degree in music, during which I specialised in composition and electronic music production. I play the guitar and keys, and I sing in an a cappella vocal group called The Voice Collective. I also have a passion for music technology, which I use to produce music in a wide variety of genres, from electronica to full orchestral arrangements.

I have an understanding of how to create a particular mood through music, and I can provide a perfect soundtrack to any visual media. I have composed music for, and performed in, various contemporary music groups since the early 90s, and I have been composing using music technology for about 20 years.

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Manchester, England